Pastor Brad arrives in Stanford.

Welcome from Pastor Brad Napier

The Rev. Brad Napier is the Pastor of Stanford Presbyterian Church.  He is a native of Hazard, Kentucky, and graduated from Berea College with a degree in Business Administration.  Pastor Napier has served four Presbyterian Churches in the Appalachian region of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.  Pastor Napier serves on the Transylvania Presbytery’s Eastern Kentucky Flood Task Force.  Brad was raised in the Buckhorn Lake Area Presbyterian Church in Buckhorn.  He led two mission groups from the Stanford Church to Buckhorn in August and coordinated financial gifts and supplies to the affected areas.  Brad has a love for the mountains, the people, and institutions in the region. Pastor Brad was installed at the Stanford Presbyterian Church in April 2022.


Christ calls officers to govern and rule in the church, after the manner of Christ for the glory of God, order, and leadership in the body of Christ.  The policy of the Presbyterian Church (USA) sets forth that church officers are called and elected by the people.  These officers are Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Elders, and Deacons.  Meet our leadership team


Our mission is to reach and equip people of all ages with the uncompromising truth of Scripture, enabling us to serve others with the unwavering love of Jesus in our families, church, community, and the world. We want to challenge our congregation through our ministry opportunities to effectively serve and spread the gospel to all of the earth. Learn more about our missions.


The Stanford Presbyterian Church was founded in 1788, just two years after Stanford received the city charter from the Virginia Legislature. The first record of the Church is an order of the Transylvania Presbytery, which was recorded during a meeting at Paint Lick in 1790. The one-room log meeting house was built in 1792 and still stands on West Main Street in Stanford, KY. Read more here.


God’s love includes everyone. Whoever you are, and wherever you may be in your journey of faith, you are welcome here. Stanford has a heart for ministry to all in our community through education, fellowship, and outreach. We strive to connect children, youth, and adults of all ages with God and one another through Sunday worship of scripture, music, and devotion, as well as ministering through education, fellowship opportunities, and the charities that we support with our tithes and offerings. Find out more.